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Training @ Staburo: RNASeq vs. Microarrays

Training @ Staburo: How to measure the abundance of mRNA, using Microarrays and Sequencing TechnologiesThe normal function of cells depends on accurate expression of a large number of proteins. As it is difficult to measure the number of thousands of proteins...

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Staburo supports OncologyInformationService in Data Analytics

Staburo supports OncologyInformationService in Data Analytics Staburo recently started a successful collaboration with OncologyInformationService - O.I.s)! Staburo supports O.I.s) in the analysis of Real World Data in oncology.O.I.s) has been providing an innovative,...

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Staburo at the 12th IGSEE Forum in Raitenhaslach

Staburo at the 12th IGSEE ForumStaburo participated at the career fair that was organised by the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE), at the TUM Science and Study Center in Raitenhaslach. The IGSSE, which has won the German Excellence...

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Staburo @ EMA scientific advice

Staburo @ EMA scientific advice meeting in London Staburo Managing Director Josef Höfler visited the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London to have a scientific advice meeting, for a client's clinical development project. Statistical concepts for...

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Staburo @ R meet-up at Roche Diagnostics

Staburo @ the R Winter Edition meetup event  Hosted by Roche, Staburo attended the Applied R Winter Edition meetup event to hear talks about the world largest R Shiny app and component-wise boosting in machine learning. The world’s largest R Shiny app (bioWARP) was...

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